Barbieri Wines

BWC launched the Barbieri label in 2005. Paolo Barbieri wanted his label to focus on Rhone Varietals, so he began producing small lots of Syrah from Colson Canyon Vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley near Los Padres Nation Forest. In the following years, Paolo added two new Syrah’s from Reeves Ranch and Three Creek Vineyard, known today as Crown Point near the town of Los Olivos. Over the next 10 years, the Barbieri label produced Syrah from these vineyards and sold primarily through restaurants in Las Vegas. In July of 2014, everything changed, as Barbieri Wine Company became Paolo Barbieri and Erin Kempe’s primary occupation. They began expanding the brand by adding new Rhone varietals and red blends. From there, they began increasing production: from 800 cases in 2013, 1100 in 2014, to 2000 cases in 2015. Today, Paolo and Erin continue to increase production for their tasting room in Los Olivos, California. The Barbieri Label now produces 4 different single varietals and blends from 3 different vineyards.