Wine Tasting Room in Santa Barbara, CA

When you want a wine tasting room in Santa Barbara, CA, the Barbieri Wine Company can help you. We have been providing our customers in the greater Santa Barbara area with the best wines for many years. When you want to enjoy a good drink with a knowledgeable staff, we can assist. Our in-house labels of Barbieri & Kempe wines come in an assortment of styles, such as white, rosé, and red wines. When you want to enjoy our wines, we offer many options and amenities for wine tasters in Santa Barbara.

View on Santa Barbara from the pier

Our Tasting Room

Our tasting room offers a selection of our finest wines, but that’s not all. When you want snacks to enjoy with your wine, we carry a fine selection of cheeses from all around the world to enjoy. If you want something different, we also serve fresh baguettes alongside specialty food items like jams, small-batch honey, and olive oil to suit an assortment of tastes and food preferences. We also strive to make our tasting room affordable, Without a club membership, our tasting room can be enjoyed for $20 per visit, and for club members it’s free. We also offer private tasting room rentals for important events.

Our Wine Club

For a wine expert, our wine club has a lot to offer. As a member, you have many types of wine to choose from. Our wine clubs include Barbieri Red, Kempe Outlaw Wine, and the White & Rose club. All three clubs offer several bottles delivered to your home or picked up twice per year directly from us. The Barbieri Red and Kempe Outlaw Wine clubs offer 4 to 6 bottles per delivery, with the White & Rose club offering 6 or 12. As a club member, you also enjoy 20 percent off your selected wine type when buying, and 10 percent off on wine types from the other two clubs you did not join. In addition, you enjoy four free tastings per year, with up to four guests, and biannual pick-up parties where wine, food, and entertainment are provided by us.

We invite you to visit our wine room in Santa Barbara today to enjoy our offerings and see how we can provide you with the best in wine, atmosphere, and service dedicated to making every visit memorable.